Important CC Directive Issued !

Final Signed Conditions of Services Package


Deployment Information 

(please keep in mind RedDog may be busy deploying other resources during an incident)



Upon Your Return

Contact Information Regarding:

Response Operations:
Response Teams:
Field Training:
Web-based Training:
BLS Training:
Readiness and General questions or comments: 

Different Checklists to cross-reference:

Tips for Deployment-2.doc

Deployment Checklist Rivero.xls

Readiness Checklist: (Guide + Checklist, 967 kb)

Please refer to the Deployment Tips section here for more details on readiness.

Various Tips

Guidance for Non-HIV-Specialized Providers Caring for Persons with HIV Displaced by Disasters


Check out the great MWR link on the JOAG resource page !


HS PAC Readiness Gazette